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StarTribe Hours

StarTribe Hours

Explaining StarTribe Hours - What are they?  

StarTribe Hours is a time-based complementary currency.  We have a paper and digital version, and what gives StarTribe Hours value is the time, energy and skills of the people using it.  StarTribe Hours are backed by the services offered by participating members.  The more participants, the more valuable StarTribe Hours become.  When applying, participants offer a professional service, set of skills, or simply sign up as a general volunteer.  They then receive a birthright amount of ST Hours and are listed in the StarTribe Hours directory under the category of their choice (whole wellness, multimedia/graphics, home repair, auto repair, business consulting, legal help, permaculture design, clothing, childcare, petcare, accounting, etc).  Participants can then use ST Hours to exchange with others in the directory (or outside it - more on this topic later).  

But what about goods?  If I sell a product, how to I determine the value in ST Hours?

Think in terms of time.

If you craft your own products, this may be easier because you know how much time and energy you put into your craft, as well as how much you spent on supplies.   How many Hours would you like to receive for a particular item you crafted?  Or in the case of the farmer, how many Hours would you like to receive for a bag of organic produce you grew?

Participants can decide if they accept 100% of an exchange in ST Hours or 50% or 25%, it is up to each individual to decide what works best for them.  (For online StarTribe Hours members, members can edit their availability on their schedule and select which days/times they accept StarTribe Hours)


Can I only use StarTribe Hours with people and businesses listed in the directory?

No.  Anyone can accept and use ST Hrs if they choose to. *(This applies to printed StarTribe Hours.  Online ST Hrs exchanges can only be made with other members)

When making an exchange in person, ask if they accept StarTribe Hours.  If they say they’ve never heard of them (which is probably the case), offer to show them the directory on your smartphone or computer with all the services they can receive in exchange for ST Hrs and let them decide.  Again, the more people who participate, the more valuable StarTribe Hours become.  A directory of 500+ professionals and businesses is more appealing to most than a directory of 50-100.  

How can I earn more StarTribe Hours?

StarTribe Hours are earned either by providing a service to someone who has contacted you through the directory, or by volunteering for StarTribe Alliance and/or STA Ally events (i.e. Rainbow Lightning, Rhythm Sanctuary, Turtle Island Ecology, etc)